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I am an Angel of the LordCollapse )
Photography by- Carlene Szostak
angel blade by - ourfamily2u on etsy
wings made and cosplay done by - Me!

I'll have this cosutme at Dragon*con, and I LOVE IT OMG! So say hi! I'll also have 2 anna outifts and Eve/mother of all monsters, as well as a ton of non-SPN costumes


Anna Milton Cosplay

I know no one has posted in a long while, but I figured I might as well post, even if no one will see it.

I finally finished two of my Anna Milton Cosplays! I still plan on making her mental hospital version one day, but the two main ones are done!

Human! Anna:

Fallen AngelCollapse )


Just a PawnCollapse )
This outfit I couldn't find a jacket that was close enough, so I made it. It was my first time ever making a jacket, and the pattern was rubbish, so I sort of made it up as I went along and made some major modifications. I'm really proud of how it turned out!

I will have both of these at Dragon*con this year, as well as my Femem!Castiel (which is done, just need to get good pictures of it) and Eve/Mother of All Monsters, and I'm still trying to find other SPN people to walk around with. If you see me, Say HI!

Dragon Con report

I just finished my Dragon Con report. Part 2 contains some cute stories about 3 Supernatural guests stars and also some teaser pictures of our Supernatural cosplay group, so I thought I'd share it here. Come on over!

Only 47 days to go...

With only 47 days to go....I was wondering who will be cosplaying for Dragon*Con, how's everyone's costumes are going and if there will be any photo opportunities.

Castiel coat find

This past Saturday, I went out to one of my local Goodwill stores to find costume pieces for the Castiel and Sam costumes I plan on doing for Dragon*Con. And, well, this is what I found.

Pictures (two with me wearing the coat)Collapse )

Compare those two to this cap, and it's a pretty damn close match.

I'm also getting Sam's coat that was used in this promo picture. Not the exact one, but again, another damn close match.

Ebay and Goodwill are life savers.


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